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Counterinsurgency - Army Field Manual 3-24

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Just my humble opinion, but everyone needs to recognize that what we face is, in fact, an insurgency, and bone up on counter-insurgency a.k.a. COIN.  Attached is the Army Field Manual 3-24 on Counterinsurgency, retrieved from the Naval Postgraduate School online library at https://www.hsdl.org/?abstract&did=468442.


From https://www.benning.army.mil/MSSP/Counterinsurgency/ (this page has a bunch of links out to other books and videos that are great resources too):

"Counterinsurgency is the use of all elements of a nation's power—including not only combined-arms operations but also psychological, political, economic, intelligence, and diplomatic operations—to defeat an insurgency. An insurgency is an organized uprising that uses violent and nonviolent means to overthrow an existing government or to wrest away control, either de jure or de facto, over part of its territory. Insurgencies typically have political or religious motivation but criminal gangs can also become powerful enough to imperil a state's authority. Most insurgencies utilize a combination of guerrilla and terrorist tactics—the former are hit-and-run attacks directed primarily at government security forces, the latter are attacks directed primarily against civilians—supported by propaganda and political organizing."


"But, while the aggressive pursuit of insurgent forces is necessary, it is insufficient to achieve victory—and if undertaken in indiscriminate fashion can actually backfire by creating more insurgents than you capture or kill. Insurgents, in fact, count on security forces to over-react and thereby to drive more recruits into their ranks."


I think that highlights the importance of non-violent responses, not only for legality sake, but because information warfare, political warfare, lawfare, keyboard warrior stuff is also likely to be far more effective at this stage.  Taking the bait, and it is bait, into responding with violent force/kinetics would actually be giving the enemy what they want and embolden them - which is exactly why they are trying so hard in various ways to bait that response.  It takes a tremendous amount of restraint, and people have associated a generally negative connotation with "keyboard warrior", but hanging up the plate carriers and tactical vests and firearms and pulling out the keyboard and firing up the printing presses and Photoshop and video editors is actually more effective and denies the enemy's leaders what they want.  Jesse Kelly's #CancelYale social media campaign is one example of how we can counter the enemy's tactics.  Imagine if we could scale that up ten-fold or a thousand-fold.  It doesn't take much, it just takes us making the effort...#CancelYale was 1 guy....one guy to come up with it and then get it amplified.  Or, to paraphrase a quote from the movie Hackers, "bot onto them as they bot onto us" or "meme onto them as they meme onto us".




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Author of the topic Posted

I've been compiling more counter insurgency manuals and guides.



How to Fight in a 4th Generation Insurgency

"This Field Manual, FMFM 3-25, How to Fight in a 4th Generation Insurgency, is approved for use by all branches of the K.u.K. armed forces. Like the other manuals in this series, it is a product of the Fourth Generation seminar at the U. S. Marine Corps’ Expeditionary Warfare School in Quantico, Virginia, an activity sponsored by the Central Powers. Because the members of the seminar are mostly American officers, it is written from the American viewpoint.This manual represents a start at adapting counterinsurgency to Fourth Generation settings. Its most important point is that counterinsurgency in 4GW is different from the prevailing notion, which reflects the Maoist model of insurgency. In that model, there are only two sides, and the prize is control of a government. In contrast, in 4GW, many players with many different kinds of objectives, only some of which are political, create a kaleidoscopic environment of great complexity."



"Why another hip-pocket guide for counterinsurgency? What makes this different? This handbook is an offering from a group of Marine officers who feel that current doctrine is rapidly diverging from the intent of maneuver doctrine. Where other manuals aim to put current conflicts into the Maoist/Nationalist mold of the Twentieth century and aim to identify successful techniques, this book seeks to bring about a change in approach and thinking which is timeless. In an age where war is no longer monopolized by armies but is waged by non-governmental entities, ethnic groups, tribes, federal agencies and militias, we find it necessary to look to parallels and successful thought processes in the inter-agency arena."


Another blog post I found about counter insurgency:  https://tacticalpatriot.blogspot.com/2016/09/a-how-to-guide-for-counterinsurgency.html



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