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Time to step up patriots and march on Washington

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 The time for talk has long since past, and our dues have been paid. The time for the American Patriots to stand tall and make our voices heard has arrived. The simple idea of WE THE PEOPLE has power beyond imagination, and can clear the fog that has plagued us for decades. What is it that we the people want ? It is a question with an answer as simple as a cup of tea, and powerful enough to move a nation. What is it that you want fixed, I will be glad to start the list.

1. removal of all immunity for all people in America


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What about criminal charges for businesses that hire illegals. I was one such american worker that worked for a business for many years that fired Americans only to turn around and hire illegals. Yes, I have head the argument that american business can not stay competitive with the world markets if they do not have cheap labor. My view might be different then others ? I see it was made this way so the top one percent could make more money, not the small businesses, but they let these big corporations brainwash them and followed suite. Why would American business have to drop down to their 3rd world level ? America made the best products in the world at the time, and most small businesses sold their goods only in America. Illegal immigration and corporate greed has lead the american worker to were we stand today, jobless, homeless, and with few prospects. Will Americas future be a self sustaining homestead for most, I am searching for one myself right now.

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