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Not sure if this belongs in this forum, feel free to move if it doesnt belong here.


This a just a raw template and can be edited if needed. I can add state outline graphic if requested. A mission statement can be printed on the back, as well any information that might educate the public at large( web searches, links, etc) about the history of Marxist rulers i.e. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pot. With the exception of Iraq and Afghanistan every major conflict our country has been involved in the past century has involved a Marxist nation i.e. Vietnam, WW2, Korea, Cuba, Soviet Union. Marxist rulers have killed roughly 100 million of their own people, and enslaved around 1 billion of their own people in the last 100yrs.

My Militia Flier.jpg

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How about something showing  a photo montage of a group of brave American soldiers  -- say, Medal of Honor or Silver Star or Navy Cross winners -- Black, White, Hispanic, Asian -- with some sort of theme like  ... "Brave Americans ... Live Like Them". or  "Not Many of Us Can Do What They Did ... but We Can Do Our Duty" ... anyway, slogans can be brainstormed.


Another idea: go to the website of the Houston Unit of the Texas State Militia ... and look at their Habitat for Humanity work ... see if we can use one of those images ... maybe with a slogan like

"The Leftists say we are 'Far Right'. Ask these new homeowners if that's true" 


We are, at the persent, very amateur in our propaganda.  if you are 30 years old, white, male and a gun owner, then there are lots of militia videos that will appeal to you: BANG BANG BANG!

And we need to recruit a few more hundred thousand white male gun owners, no question.  But we also need to broaden out and bring in the demographics that we are short on: women, Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, college=age young people, and their grandparents.  Because we are building a true Peoples Army.  (Yes, the Reds got that name before we did, but let's take it away from them.... as the Salvation Army guy said, "Why should the Devil have all the best tunes?")


We need some pro-police leaflets as well. Say, one with the photos of all the officers killed in the last 12 months -- and on the other side, something that acknowledges the problems with the police, and mentions our brother Duncan Lemp, with a photo, and how the gutless worms now kneeling to the criminal George Lloyd did NOTHING about Lemp ... but saying the obvious: it's a nasty old world and we need the police and we must support them against the scum of ANtiFA and BLM, who have ulterior motives behind their agitation.


And maybe a leaflet supporting the military ... perhaps one urging people to join the National Guard, with some explanation of why the American military, and the American militia movement, are complementary.


And how about one featuring brave American Black and Latino soldiers and policemen -- with the theme ... THESE ARE REAL AMERICANS.   counterposed with some photos of neoNazis and Klansmen and Antifa flag-burners (and Bill Ayers stepping on an American flag) -- with the theme ... THESE ARE ONLY TECHNICALLY AMERICANS ...   and on the reverse side, some prose that explains that all over the world, multi-ethnic countries have come apart, or fought  vicious tribal civil wars ... but in America, we are united by the only real  "anti-racism" ... Patriotism.   


And I am sure I speak for everyone else who has been here a while in saying it is very pleasing to see a new member with such talent.

You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone.

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