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Is Boston's Gun Bible still relevant?

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For those unfamiliar with it Ken Royce under the pseudonym Boston T. Party) published a book back in 2000 that went into depth discussing the primary modern sporting rifle, pistols, and shotguns along with calibers available at the time. He actually went as far as rating each firearm using specific criteria and explained his criteria. At the time it was a great reference for those that were brand new to firearms, however now some of the data is outdated. He also addresses legal issues, some of which are now outdated. 


We had a good vigorous discussion today on it's relevance, some see it as relevant, some think it's out of date info could be dangerous or wastful for purchases, and some think it's a wasted read.

I won't tell you my conclusion - I will state I try and learn something from everything I come into contact with.  For those familiar with the work what is your opinion? Still relevant and worth new folks reading or a waste of time?

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Posted (edited)

Irrelevant.  It's not that there isn't factual info still in there but, at this point, it's irrelevant due to what it now excludes because of it's age.


The complete lack of bonded JHP +P or even +P+ rounds alone completely obsolesces it's handgun caliber information, for instance.

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