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     JITSI MEET is a completely Free and Open Source Software for video conferencing, not connected with Google [big brother] at all, part of the Linux family, totally seperate from Microsoft [intrusiveness via hidden code=back doors] con we have all loved for so many years.

     With JITSI MEET, the host is the only one who need download and install anything. Those invited simply go to the designated URL and type in the supplied by the host password.

     The number of participants is limited only by server capability.

     Another interesting app is PANIC TRIGGER, designed to automatically send sms alerts when a specified number is received.

     Granted, FOSS does not yet have nearly as many apps as Google Play, but is sufficient for all practical purposes and then some.

     Plus, again, it is safe from Google's prying and invasive permissions and accesses. The more people who support FOSS, the more they will develop.

     This depository app is for Android. Perhaps there is open source software for iPhone as well, seeing as how Apple is closer to Android than to Microsoft.

     Here is the depository for FOSS, with hundreds of various apps:



     Another source for open source apps, with many identical to what is found on Google Play, yet requiring far fewer accesses and permissions, is https://en.uptodown.com/.

     Uptodown is open source but not as completely as F-Droid. Uptodown is connected with Google but rather loosely. Installing and using the 'Exodus Privacy' app, comparing identical between Google Play and Uptodown reveals that Google indeed takes undue liberties in our devices.

     To cite one working example of the concept at work, one group I'm with uses 'Groupme', by Microsoft. I have 'Groupme' by Uptodown, works exactly the same. I will compare the two after while, the one from Google Play/Microsoft, the other from Uptodown, with 'Exodus Privacy' and post results.

     Someone who can write html code can have a security and customization heyday by implementing GITHUB, STEEMIT and FOSS.

     To those of you unfamiliar with Linux [THE open source platform], it's been around longer than Microsoft, having been developed by Linus Torvalds. If I remember correctly, Microsoft is a spinoff of Linux.

     Linux is far superior to Microsoft in the security and efficiency arenas, because it is open source. Since anyone can view all the source code (nothing hidden, as with Microsoft), it is probably 100% impossible for anyone to perpetuate a malicious [privacy-freedom robbing sub-program] app for any length of time. Linux is a perpetual motion "machine" of checks and balances.

     See also https://opensource.com/alternatives/skype.

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