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10 years.  Something of a rhetorical going on here, but, my hope is that we might take a step out of the present in order to have a moment to both look back and look forward.  


Where were you 10 years ago?  What were you doing?  Did you have concerns then?  Did you think something would be done by now?  Did you think the world would look the way it does now?  How many people were in your life that are no longer here?  


Now look ahead 10 years.  What do you think you'll be doing?  Will you even be alive?  How old will you be?  Will you still be in condition?  Will you still be able to walk, see, or hear?  What do you think the world will be like?  Who will you lose?  


It's worth thinking about these things... and more.  I'm not asking anyone to answer these questions.  Again, they are rhetorical.  The point I'm trying to make is that time keeps moving and things will keep changing.  Maybe somethings will change for the better, maybe for the worse.  We can't predict the future.  But, we can act in the present with the hope of forming a better future for those who will come after us.  

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10 years ago i didn't think my life would suck so much ass as it does now, by that same token I imagine 10 years from now to suck even more for me. I actually can predict the future, I got a good idea of how and where I am going to die; and I can promise for a fact that the sun will not die for at least a long time, an more over the sun will come up tomorrow morning. I can also predict that there will never be a fair tax rate nation wide, and that there will legally never be any real consequences to party leaders who are big hitters on any side of the line. I can also safely predict that gasoline in the USA will never go back to 50 Cents a gallon and stay there.   An if history repeats itself, and it does, things are not going to get better....hell look at the hate for America from all the way right up to 1960. There wasn't any, is my point, It all started in the 60s and it only has gotten worse. Granted Trump did a decent job at trying, had it not been for COVID and this Floyd bullshit that kicked it off, things might have flattened out for at least a few years. 


Technology may move forward, society wont,  no one is even trying to approach talking about putting a permanent cap on taxes. National Debt... probably don't need to elaborate ...


Music keeps getting shittier ,   to be an musical artist now, all you need is to either be able to use auto tune, or have a big ass an tits, and have an attitude and or be a total bitch, and boom famous. You don't even have to write your own lyrics !


I do believe in God though, I am absolutely positive God is keeping me in a complete state of being fucked, and having to be a caregiver because God knows good damn n well, that if I wasn't a caregiver and didn't have a  shit ton of other problems, I would be doing a lot of fucked up shit. I would road rage more,  for starters. All I can do now is hope some whack job leftist is armed and driving behind me and starts shooting at me while i am driving. But, we know leftists don't believe in using guns. so... * shrugs *


K, great pep talk.

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