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Share how YOU promote MyMilitia.com in order to get people here!

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Let's talk recruiting and creating a buzz to get people here. This thread is intended to brainstorm ideas by stating what is already being done, and what could be done. Let's get creative and not waste the massive opportunity the left is giving us.


1. What social media platform are you using, and what is your tactic?


2. What CREATIVE method are you doing?  Tell us about its effectiveness.


3. How are you focusing your message to target like-minded patriots or people that are new to the militia idea?


4. How do you include all three levels of publicity at the national, state, and county/township levels?


5. How many people in your militia are specifically tasked to PROMOTE your militia and/or MyMilitia.com at all three levels?


Is there another question we should be asking ourselves?

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Here's a scalable "popsicle sign" that can be posted in areas around your location, to draw people to this website and pointed toward your geographical location or group. This is a simple sign, and it needs to be; you want people to be able to digest it quickly in passing, remember it, and respond later when, for instance, they aren't driving. Also, because it's not specific to a particular group, it will help you avoid any legal issues if you aren't technically "permitted" to post signs. Hard to fine someone if you can't find them first! Still, be smart, be conscientious, take care of your community (including cleaning up after yourself and your recruiting campaigns).


Message me here on this forum post if you wish to have one made with your location. Download it, scale it accordingly for your needs, print, and post. If you have other ideas, share those as well.


Now is the time to turn INTEREST and FRUSTRATION into MEMBERSHIP. Mount a recruiting drive THIS WEEK.




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