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On a global scale, we seem to be entering another 'Midnight in the Century'  [Look it up -- buy it -- read it https://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Century-Classics-Victor-Serge/dp/1590177703], including, this time, in the United States, which appears to be transforming itself from a fortress of liberty into a madhouse, albeit one where the inhabitants have nuclear weapons, so you better not laugh at them if you're a foreigner, unless you have some too.  This is a pity, because the human race is clearly, if we can avoid a thermonuclear exchange or the equivalent with biological weapons, about to make the leap from the Kingdom of Necessity to the Kingdom of Freedom ... just give us another century of scientific research.


Personally, I'm Just an old guy, on Final Approach,  interested in preserving liberty in at least a few places on the globe, so that it may regrow again when the dawn arrives. I'm a book reader, among other things. If you are too, PM me and we can swap reading lists. I'm just starting On the Psychology of Military Incompetence https://www.amazon.com/Psychology-Military-Incompetence-Norman-Dixon/dp/0465097804/ ]. Many of the best books, of interest to people in the militia movement, are free -- downloadable if you know where to look, and I do. I was not a cradle conservative -- I had to think my way to my current beliefs, aided by some 'interesting times' experiences.


If you've got a bit of time to spend doing internet research, PM me and I'll set you up with some like-minded people and we can work together against the Forces of Darkness. Just because your days of low-crawling under barbed wire while the tracers zip overhead are past, doesn't mean you cannot be a warrior in a good cause. Fifty-five years ago I raised money to buy ammunition for a civilian militia called the Deacons for Defence and Justice, and delivered it in the dark of night to a fellow in Bogalusa, Louisiana.  This militia was needed then, when the law was not in the hands of impartial administrators. And it looks like it will be needed again, for the same reason. What we have now is far from perfect, but it's also far from nothing, and can be made better.  But whatever happens, you go to war with the army you've got.

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