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" fact checked " Bullshit

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So when you are losing an argument, simply twist the facts to your favor, ipsofacto of the left.


Hypocrisy , the left portrays ALL police as racist, America as a whole as Racsit, and deems most of our founding fathers as Racist.


But when push comes to shove, all of a sudden according to this person who wrote the article, now, it was  only " some democrats "  and that the party has " changed its' views " Lets still ignore KKK Byrd, whos' statue is still standing, and also what really is going on and criminals do this a lot if you watch a shit pot of detective shows / cop shows.




 they want police to take the full blunt and blame for a fews actions, they want America crippled to the point of being a third world shit hole for the way it was founded and on an on. More over, who gets to declare who the fact checker is ? Or is something only declared Fact Checked when the Fact Checker sides with your opinion ?


 This is why I am more in favor of leaving statues up than even politely taking them down. Because for the left it isn't about justice, it is about controlling a narrative and now controlling history. If they can succeed at erasing their own past and their own crimes against the people of this nation, then what happens ? An how does the truth get told. All of a sudden now in this article, there were no Democrats or Republicans , which true enough there technically may not have been, it was just " The South " and The Union, But they had other names didn't they for Republicans and Democrats didn't they, and in time those names changed under Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. To what they are now, The Republican and Democrat Party. An a rose by any other name is still a rose.



Anyhow, it doesn't matter to the left, as long as they can pepper in a half truth and minimize their involvement an spin the truth, to them it is winning.

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