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What we need to do now.

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We need to do something soon to maintain momentum. New members want to actually do something, Thats why they joined. They do not want to just sit around waiting, while militia leadership studies antifa philosophy.  At the same time having so many new members means that militia members and leaders dont know all the talents and skills at their disposal.  Thus IMO militia leaders should plan and schedule relatively safe rallies and protests at conservative locations, where antifa and blm dont have great numbers (and the DA will be more kind). This will allow militia members to get to know each other, and provide militias with some good press.  Militia leaders should also schedule the rallies and protests so that antifa and blm have short times to organize counter demonstrations.


The signs at these rally/protests could be like COPS SAVE LIVES, DEFUNDING POLICE is BIDEN STUPID,  Black People matter but BLM are sold out MARXISTS,  and ANTIFA needs to change their diapers, etc.  These types of events should provide good media exposure  and keep our members out of jail.  They would also give medias something else to cover than blm and antifa, thus reducing their coverage.  In the future less safe rallies and protest would be easier to plan for because militia leaders would have better knowledge of what they have.

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So do something.


Problem with doing anything right now IMO is that its counter productive to go out and protest. Right now, ANTIFA/BLM is doing more harm for Dems than good, thats why the media has basically quit talking about it. We are back to the "pandemic" now. Americans aren't good at holding "rage" for extended periods of time. If a militia group goes out and protests now, even unarmed and peacefully, the left paints us all as white supremacists and turns our own people against us. "thugs vs thugs". Sit back, chill, educate, and when the time is right, the American people, militia or not will rise.

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