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Todd A. Slee


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Your Personal Data…For Sale

Facebook has also been caught selling our data to every corporation and organization that comes a-knocking – even really nefarious ones like the CIA and Cambridge Analytica. And let’s not forget that Facebook also owns two of the other most popular social media sites in the world: Whatsapp and Instagram. Do you really feel comfortable using those now?

And then there’s Google-owned YouTube. Once a way to communicate news and ideas to the world via video, it has more or less blacklisted many non-traditional ideologies it doesn’t like—for example, they’ve hidden LGBTQ content and censored or demonetized channels they consider to be ‘alt right’. No surprises there, since Google has also lowered the rankings of any sites they feel go against their political position, calling those ‘fake news’.

Right now, their focus is on anything against the mainstream narratives on political issues like Syria or Russia. But how long before they bury alternative health news that threatens mainstream medicine, information about veganism that threatens beef and milk lobby groups, or even corporate disasters similar to what happened at Rana Plaza? We have many reasons to worry...."

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I'm fed up with FB and their policing.  I don't need FB to decide for me what is "Fake News", either.  I've switched to MeWe.  Its a Social platform much like FB - but UNlike FB, YOU own all of your content.  No ads, no censorship, and it's free.  If you DO decide to leave, your content goes with you.  It's VERY easy to search for Groups - both local and worldwide, too.  If you're more into Twitter, the alternative you should check out is called Parler. 


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