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The opportunity we cannot miss--or screw up.

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The militia movement in this point in time is more important than it has ever been since Washington took troops against the King. There are ZILLIONS more Patriots out there who want to DO SOMETHING, but don't know what to do. It is absolutely vital that we find them, encourage them, sign them up, and then LEAD THEM! Because the simple truth of the matter is that the only thing the silent majority lacks right now is COMMITTED LEADERSHIP and a SPECIFIC PATH FORWARD.


The situation that did not develop in Gettysburg (but easily could have) seems at first glance as if it was a wasted exercise chasing unverified/improperly considered "intelligence". I do not share that assessment in this case; America needs to see that citizens are responding. Gettysburg was a high-visibility way to show them that, at a revered spot where exactly the kind of threat we currently stand against could have occurred. Patriots who responded were not chasing geese; they were showing other fed-up Patriots across the country that we've heard the call and we're responding. This sends a vital message of encouragement, but also will help others to decide to engage. We need that right now more than anything.


As we begin to show America that there are more than just black-bloc baddies out there, and that the "fight" is shaping up, Patriots will respond to the field. AT THAT TIME, we need to have better established ways of making contact; ways of quickly assimilating and training; and ways of threat assessment/deployment decision-making. Military sciences most definitely must play a huge role in that going forward. Utilizing every available tool in the short-term does, too (YouTube, for instance). Mostly, we need what boots we have already on the ground to be ON THE GROUND, and I don't mean in tactical gear. Neighbors should be recruiting neighbors, using both the contact opportunities AND THE EVERYDAY SKILLS THEY BRING TO THE TABLE to get people in contact and up to speed quickly. Businessmen are good organizers. Accountants are good with money. Trucking professionals are good with logistics. PUT THEM TO WORK DOING THE WORK OF RECRUITING, PLANNING, FINANCING, and BUILDING. No one should EVER have trouble finding a group to join, and at this point in time no group should ever have trouble finding new, enthusiastic, ACTIVE members. If we do, it's because we're failing our country, period.


It's also important to note the obvious, though--the vast majority of those coming out right now are green peas, often being led by green peas. Tacticool versus tactical--you know the story. THESE PEOPLE CANNOT BE DISMISSED, RIDICULED, OR IN ANY WAY DRIVEN AWAY. They--WE--must simply be trained to adjust our view. And we cannot do it alone. There are entire GROUPS that have no military training or ability to properly achieve it. There are groups that have no legal representation, money management, logistical support, comms, etc. What these groups need now is a way to effectively network (in a non-threatening, non-absorbing, non-belittling way) with the groups that DO have expert knowledge and people to share. America will be much better served if a knowledgeable member from Unit A spends his travel dollar meeting up across the state with new members of Unit B rather than donning a tac vest and standing on a sidewalk over a single unverified "report" next week. We have a very short window to get this done (the real battles are yet to come, and the real turnout for new recruits is happening NOW).


Gettysburg was not a dud; it was a great, high-profile opportunity to be seen and to show America that SOMEONE is standing up. That will draw Patriots to our side, to our cause, and to our ranks...and it will send a message to our enemies, even at the risk of sharing some intelligence with them that we'd prefer they not be able to glean.


Let's use that opportunity to our advantage, even while working out ways to better assess threats in the future.

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Your assessment is correct and good. Although im a new member iv suggested a couple of times we need to plan a get-together, rally ( or whatever you want to term it ) so we can meet, discuss, plan, and otherwise generally get to know who is who.  I know this is easier said than done do to the fact that we are all over the map here.  Bit with some advance notice so people could make arrangements to have a day or so off from work to travel I think its a doable thing.  The election is in November, if we start now we could set up a get together in august/September easy enough.  Maybe regional meetings would be the way to go with reps from those groups meeting somewhere central to organize a future plan.........personally i know many who feel as i/we do regarding the direction this country is headed and are prepared to defend our rights and freedoms as the constitution states.

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