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Todd A. Slee


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Absolutely a truth.  Satan is defeated, however, not yet destroyed (although he doesn't know this yet, kept hidden from him).

I recently attended a funeral of my best friends mom, aside from my blessing in the Lord God of my own mother, she was unto me, a mother.  Her son, a State of Indiana Representative gave a long, and loving eulogy.

Upon his conclusion, the local minister whom the family knows gave the concluding remarks.  Politics was his opening line, his speech was contemptible.  The Holy Spirit kept my lips sealed from rebuking this man in front of everyone there. 

Satan distracts.  He knows sufficient scripture to infiltrate, to lead away those of weak spirit.  The church, according the the apostle of the gentiles, is the body of Christ.  The church and congregations has become synonymous in modern day but truth of the believer is not the truth often shared with congregations.

There are true men of God out there, the Holy Spirit has set them apart to continue until the age of the gentiles is over, God's grace concluded.

The Lord GOD is sovereign. 


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One other comment.............

Challenging to defeat an adversary head to head.  Great cost  of resources and power.  Better to infiltrate and destroy from the inside (e.g. currently in  America, Politics, Universities, education in general).

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