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Steve Kazan

Long Island Roll call to all 631/516 Patriots!

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We will be setting up a meeting for the end of July. All who wish to attend can contact me. This will be a informal meeting at a location TBD. 
We will be doing a meet and greet. Then discuss the issues surrounding your direct area. We will then talk about how the network  will work for you, and what each of us has to offer. All thoughts, suggestions and comments are welcome!
Charlie Mike!

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Long island is lost. Overcrowded . Unless you have a boat or an airplane, you are fucked . I left Nassau County 5 years ago because of the fucking drugs and Mosques everywhere. If you are a legal "hangun" owner , hats off to you . Imma send some fellow patriots a link to this . I commend you forn your efforts.  The best thing you can do , is leave that criminal shithole. From the Taxes, potholes, traffic on LIE, fucking criminal tolls prices, on and on. Between the MS-13 in Suffolk County , to some lost, once beautiful towns like Hicksville (little india now) . Levittown is Herion City.  East Meadow is "East Ghetto" with the Mosque on East Meadow ave. The illegals are in EVERY Home Depot parking lot , looking for work. They need to Nuke that Island. Good Luck Steve. 

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Jimmy you are so correct!  Egress off this island will be a tough one and this is exactly why, while I am still here, I feel the need for reaching out to those (who I know there still are many) that need to begin to feel a part of all that is good with this county. 
I truly believe that most want to follow in your steps and head toward a better place. That’s certainly the plan for me and my family. 
In the mean time, We need to come together to protect one another the best we can while this storm continues around us. 
I’d love to have many, but I only need a few good ones!

Charlie Mike brother!  Thank you for your concern and support!

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