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Northern 304/Monongalia County recruitment

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We are a new group enveloping the rural areas of Fayette, Greene, and Washington counties in Pennsylvania, as well as the border area of Monongalia County, West Virginia. We are openly recruiting members. The group is listed as a "closed" group for the purposes of keeping some security, but anyone interested is welcome to message me and I'll get you squared away with whatever information you need.


Bear in mind we don't discriminate in any way; race, gender, sexual orientation, religious background, etc. We require that you be an America-loving Patriot of good character and with a will to serve in this time of need.


I look forward to meeting with you.

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Hear here! Anyone on the WV side that do not currently have an active unit that wants to participate in the unit above, PLEASE FEEL FREE! Our goal is to get ALL of you into activie militia units asap!

Thanks evryone!

Join The Mercer County 1st Citizen Task Force-WV HERE at MyMilitia.com for proper networking and communication.
The Facebook Page for The MC1stCTF is HERE.

If you live anywhere within the area code 304 in West Virginia, join the WV-THREE04 here at MYMilitia.com to recieve help and guidance in bolstering your existing unit or starting a new unit! WV has much catching up to do to revitalize our community militias. YOU can be a part of something NEW in West Virginia, no matter your location!


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