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This is an experiment for you to try. I am going to do this too.


Materials Needed:

White water proof sign material (vinyl/plastic/whatever)

Stencil set, no less than 2"

Black spray paint.

3 ft 1X2inch wooden stakes, or whatever you have

Heavy duty staples/stapler  (yeah, your range stapler for targets works well)


Task: Make 4 popsicle signs with the following:




How to deploy

1. Next Friday evening: Place at 4 separate intersections within a 3-5 mile radius. Why Friday? Most counties will not pick up and discard popsicle signs until Monday morning-- so it stays all weekend for large saturation. Since it is the weekend, no one is rushing to work and they have more time to check out the website. Put the spaces between MY and .COM so that the word MILITIA catches their eyes. Everyone is thinking the same thing, so take advantage.


Be careful and know your county ordinances-- my state has a $100 fine but it doesn't appear to be enforced from what i can tell. Don't get caught.


2. On your Milita site, (it should be in the same area code--- or you can use the state page), start a thread:  



Introduce yourself;  when and where did you see the sign?


That will give you an idea of effectiveness. This may even give you a nucleus of a militia that is that close together. Have them make signs with your stencil set...and push out. Rinse and repeat.


3. Start a blog on your militia site and keep track of effectiveness. If you keep track of expenses, you will be able to figure out how much money/hours of exposure was used to gain people. Yay math!

You are the best judge as to whether to vary where you are deploying the signs.



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Try these:


Tool #2: Push cards.

1.Print simple cards with nothing more than MYMILITIA.COM, on the opposite side print "Your fellow Patriots in VIRGINIA need you!" 

2. Shark the parking at a WalMart or mall. Look at the bumperstickers, artwork, license plate, and type of vehicle: the ones that are obvious 2A: slide a card. Get a couple folks and it becomes an easy task. Move quickly and then do a couple of strip malls.


Tool #3: Craigslist.

1. Get a burner email. Mail.com or something, I prefer Proton.

2. Establish a Craigslist account and place two announcements under politics and community for the area nearest you:

"The Patriots of NORTH CAROLINA are meeting at MYMILITIA.COM to organize and counter Marxist propaganda. Let's roll!"


(this technique has the disadvantage of not being able to control who comes in-- you must watch you new joins because you will get ANTIFA types, they are here already)

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Here is another tool for you:


The HTML source code that you can use to reply to facebook, twitter, posted articles, whatever: and it displays the MYMILITA.COM logo, and when you CLICK on it, it will bring you to the MYMILITA.COM homepage. Try it out locally, then start hitting state forums and blogs. 


<a href="https://www.mymilitia.com";><img src="https://www.mymilitia.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/a1sitehead.png.758a1f1e73f7e453d22683defdd3d603.png";></a>


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Author of the topic Posted
On 7/17/2020 at 4:26 AM, Steve Kazan said:

Where specifically do I enter the code?  


Let's say you are cruising through a forum that detects HTML. You will know it by observing other users that post images, links, and such. Invariably, someone is going to start a discussion on what must be done to thwart the attacks on the US Constitution/BLM/ANTIFA/MS-13, whatever.


That is your cue to change the direction of the conversation: Take this code (which should be saved in your Notes on your PC/Mac).....then copy and paste into the forum and  proudly say with your right hand over your heart:  "I have a uniquely American solution to this problem:"


It brings all the readers HERE to find their militia group. Congrats! You just entered into the realm of Information Warfare and helped save the Republic.


Want to try it?  Quick!  Name 5 forums that allow commentary from its readers, and see which ones allow you to past it.

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This is excellent!


The internet is to 21st Century warfare what the tank and airplane were to 20th Century warfare.  (Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit to make a point.)

Most people post on discussion forums, or to their Facebook pages, for self-gratification. And there's nothing wrong with that.


You see people debating Leftists on politics forums, you see long chains of replies saying "Yeah me too!" after conservative news articles, you see

people putting up snappy one-liners on Twitter.... but ... this is just having fun.


Our enemies are using the internet as a weapon of war.  Russians (and maybe Chinese)  are using it to spread disinformation (a speciality of the old KGB way before the internet),

and to provoke violence within the US -- they're probably deeply involved in the idiotic "Boogaloo" business.


We need to learn how to use it to build the militia movement, and to make the movement more powerful.

One way to make it more powerful is of course to give it more firepower ... so everyone in a unit can save up and buy a collective Barrett .50 sniper rifle.


But the real firepower increase will come from getting many more members and sympathyzers, and then turning this force onto electoral targets ...

if we do not have substantial influence in local and state government -- people elected because of or at least with our support, who know it -- then all the

weaponry we can imagine will not make a difference.

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Well thought out. Every group should have a armorer and although a Barrett 50cal is good, there are plenty of other Lighter weight options. However, I do get your point. 
Use the tools that the left are already using successfully. 
When it comes to arms, create a arsenal equal or, superior to, the opposition. 

Anyone with me must contribute to the defense fund, even if it is simply a box of ammo. 

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