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Important ways WE are different from THEM--and why we must be.

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The enemies of America are more than just at the gate; they're within the gate and busy at work tearing our nation apart. If there was ever any doubt in your mind about the truth of that statement, events of the last month or six should erase all misunderstanding.


I'm not going to go into the politics of it, except to say that these efforts have been at work subversively from within our government for DECADES OR LONGER. This is their big play, and there are participants in it from within both sides of the political spectrum (though obviously it's primarily the work of the party that was easiest and most willing to be turned to this purpose). It's important to note also that what we see now barely represents the tip of the spear; we are seeing sedition, to be sure, but of the blue-haired angry teenager type. This is not the enemy; this is the collection of useful idiots and cannon fodder too naive and foolish to see that they're being used and for what. The real threats lie ahead, and could include (from a boots-on-the-ground standpoint) everything from drug cartels to street gangs, foreign psy-ops to actual card-carrying troops jumping off ships. That is the reality we face, and how we react to it now could easily determine just how far it goes in the future.


It's important that we realize what WE are doing, versus what THEY are doing.


WE are fighting a civil war. I would bet that to a man, every militia member would agree with that sentiment. These are Americans attacking Americans, tearing down our institutions, disrespecting, assaulting, even killing their fellow citizens. It carries (manufactured) racial undertones, but in the end what it amounts to, in our view, is a new Civil War.


We are right, and yet very, very wrong.


THEY are fighting a new REVOLUTIONARY WAR. Their intent isn't secession, independence, or anything remotely noble. They aren't Americans fighting Americans, they're insurrectionists trying to destroy and reform our entire government and way of life. They don't want America changed, they want America gone. This distinction cannot be overstated. Viewing this as a civil war discounts the actual forces behind the whole thing, and gives them leverage we cannot afford to donate away.


We must not be fooled into thinking this is "grass roots"; it is not. The forces arrayed against us are monumental, wealthy, extremely powerful, and well-hidden. They're also well-entrenched. They aren't going to give up easily. They've been planning this for generations.


Next, it's important to realize what's at stake, FOR THEM.


This is an existential moment for them, quite possibly their last hurrah. If you thought you'd never see what we're seeing in this country right now, that should tell you something. They're pulling out, or will pull out, all the stops. It isn't for show anymore. If they don't get this right, they will have wasted decades and billions getting into this position, and for nothing. They're going to do everything they can to get it right. This is what makes it so very important that WE not screw this up. We are the last defense for a nation that may very well need it, and if we fail there is no going back. The good news is that if we succeed, they cease to exist in any meaningful way for another few decades, at least.


I'm going to go old-school pornographic for a moment. I apologize for that.


What we're seeing now is the "fluffer", the scantily-clad tease whose job it is to get us hot and bothered. She's supposed to make us slobber, loosen up our wallets, whip our dicks out and edge us on until THEY are ready for us to shoot. Her job, plain and simple, is to put THEM in control.


Our question to ourselves needs to be--are we teenagers with only enough blood to run one head at a time, or are we men? Are we going to let them call the tune, or are we going to dance when we're good and damned ready to? I'm old enough that I don't need to stuff dollar bills into AOC's g-string to feel like I'm doing something, and I'm sure as hell not going to be goaded by some two-bit bartender with the IQ of a houseplant to do what she wants me to do.


The blue hairs throwing bricks in Portland make AOC look absolutely Einstein-like. This is why we cannot foolishly let them dip into our wallets, dip into our zippers, and get us stepping and fetching like horny teenagers. The people who are truly controlling the action are using them for exactly this purpose, and if we let them succeed it's because WE are the fools with the IQ of a houseplant!


Make no mistake that I would shoot a rioter who's about to harm someone, and order a pizza when I'm finished. If that situation presents itself to me, I'm going to do the right thing. But going out to engage that, to make that happen, to in any way exacerbate a situation in which we should have no part that could wind up with a kid dead on the news at our hands is the height of foolishness. We cannot let it be what we're about or who we are. We cannot be made a party to it, playing the very cards our enemies want us to play. This is NOT a civil war; it's a REVOLUTION, and we have to play the long game. They are.


How do we do that?


The same way I've been preaching for the last 48 hours and will continue to preach...we have to recruit good people, set their expectations correctly, provide them with not only the right training but the right mindset to go with it, and then get out in our communities and be seen as the force of good that we are supposed to be. We have to be ready when the moment calls to be the LAST LINE OF DEFENSE, and demonstrate that we can be trusted with that responsibility.


We are Minutemen because we can respond at a moment's notice, NOT because we shoot our wad in the first few seconds that they toy with our dicks. Our job is DEFENSE and BACKUP, not to be goaded into a pissing contest with a bunch of kids (and useful idiot militants who are being used because their race fits the narrative) who are themselves being stroked and shooting their wads as their overseers command.


We have to see what's going on, and be smarter than they are. That shouldn't be too hard; AOC is one of their heroes, for Pete's sake.

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