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Eric Ride

The Times WE Are In Now....2020

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It is a priviledge to be apart of this organization. That being said, let's get to the hart of the matter. Is this whole website just that, another website for chatting, ideas, etc. We are in 2020 & in this year we have seen the start of hell on Earth. How will the reaction of the local militia's play out when uprising begin spreading liking wild fire. Some say, Trump will bring us out of this, some say people will come back to their senses. Non-Sense! The way I see it , these uprisings will appear suddenly in the most unlikely rural places, tell me how are the local militia's going to react. I see a sudden call to arms, a gathering, assignments by the senior leaders, then we march forth. My compatriots, this is the start of something terrible. I hear talk about getting together for training, let's do this, let's do that, I don't see real cohesion. Mark my words, when it comes upon us, each of us with the gifts that the good Lord has given us will be in full effect. And as for me (I'm a former police officer), I'm not going to turn and run to protect my own arse (as is most police policy) when innocent people are being mowed down. Goes for my son as well. I can think of no greater way to die than fighting to save another. I EXPECT MORE COHESION by the leadership, or mark my words my friends, it will be instinctive behavior in full effect. So tell me, our leadership, are we all up to this task?

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