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It seems like there is probably a lot more public support for 2nd Amendment rights in the wake of both the virus and the riots. People have been shown how quickly the protection they take for granted from the system can be stripped away.


In addition, many people who have never owned firearms before have shown up at gun shops and bought one. I think it is likely that actually owning one and learning about guns may take some of the mystery and fear about them down several notches.


I wonder if in coming days we could use some of this positive energy to do something like address the import ban on "assault rifles" from 1989. It may be worth starting to distribute this idea into the minds of folks so maybe it could bubble up into public discourse.

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In the current trade environment I wouldn't hold my breath, and I'm pretty sure we certainly aren't going  to be getting our hands on the low cost Chinese forged receiver Poly M-14s. I'm glad they haven't managed to ban parts kits yet, and not for lack of trying.


I think lower fruit would be getting suppressors off of the NFA and reclassified as a normal firearm accessory would be a feasible first step. The last time that was actually discussed the first thing out of the control freaks mouths was 'universal gun registry" to even consider it however.

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