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Beware the word 'militia.' Words have consequences

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. Now I am not an attorney but I think that state governments have a great deal of leeway in outlawing militias. Correct me on this if I am wrong. What if we considered changing the name to Citizen's Response groups to help in all around community emergency responses with an armed security component. That way we could market the militia to medical professionals and other groups that would not join a militia, but would join a Citizen's Emergency Response group. If we underestimate marketing to bring new militia recruits, then why is death insurance called its opposite life insurance?


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I think it is context and situational dependent.   
Some states forbid "militias" while others encourage them.
FEMA already has CERTs (Community Emergency Response Team)  with training sponsored by many local EMAs (may actually be a good place to recruit from)
"Mutual Assistance Group"

"Patriot Support Group"

Yes the term "militia" does have a negative connotation from the main stream media so there is merit in your idea... It all just depends

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