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On 7/9/2020 at 7:29 PM, 20thRegiment said:

What a slippery slope we are on


     That it is. I can't speak ill of all of them per se, but by the same token, the "blue wall of silence" implicates many.

     Speaking of which, now they even have informants going out and performing threat assessments. Combined with their setting the stage with largely manufactured environments and "protection" program officers who are out to meet quotas and/or purge dissenters against tyranny, they are committing social-political genocide.

     I told 'em years ago that if they ever tried that with me, if by no other means to thwart it, I'd tell the Mafia about them. It got me disqualified from their "protection". I'd tell the KGB secretly if I had to, or the Stasi, no worse than they are.

     When I say I stand for freedom and liberty, I say what I mean and mean what I say. " The enemy of my enemy is my friend". Thankfully, now I have many true Patriots as friends, having been covertly demonized with the Militias years back by the FBI.

     If God Almighty doesn't, and my AR15 and my dogs can't, keep me alive in a life threatening event, then I'll go on. I will live free, and hopefully die brave, and in Christ! Better free than a slave!

     Note: the real beauty of some of what I wrote, about the Mafia, KGB and Stasi, is that the nefarious feds, cops and informants, they don't know if I would tell those people or not, or if I have, nor do they know what I and others know about them. They don't know for sure who all is watching them.

     Plus, even if they call any of them and enquire, they'll never know if what they hear is the truth, and, there are so many people of various sorts in America who can't stand cons on taxpayers' dime, they'll never know. Those with unclean consciences will always be uneasy, just like they've caused many good people to be.

     So, either, or, and, if, but, posting things is a big psychological, therefore tactical, advantage. It is a reversal, creating a demoralizing effect, a payback for all they've done to Patriots and Christians, Free Thinkers, Liberty Lovers, etc.

     Lesson to those pieces of cruddy, slimey, smelly scum, don't ever mess with someone who knows the system at least as good as you. Lol! Have fun wondering who's spying on your freedom robbing activity. Hardy har har har.......!

     To you Left leaners, remember two things: what you are creating now is what your kids will live under later, and; Geronimo was a man of healing until they crossed the line:


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