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Militia Groups Unite your State. I think we are running out of time!

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I am new to this site and Militias in general. I heard several comments about groups not being respectful to other groups and that has been a problem?  Hey, I understand that in peaceful times, groups are happy doing there own thing and are a tight group, but we are not "in" peaceful times anymore. What do we have in common? We are Patriots, We love our country, We will protect the constitution..... We have a unity as Americans, that is far more important than any Alpha complex's, disrespect for other brothers, Pride issues !   I want to be apart of something much bigger, that unites into one cause in strength and numbers. I just saw the video of the Fully Armed Black Army that showed up at Stone Mountain,Georgia. They have obviously been training together somewhere, and there looked like 100-150 all in black and all with AR's or shotguns. (I'm attaching the video). That is why we don't have time on petty stuff. We have to show larger numbers. If the shooting starts I wouldn't want to be 25 guys against 150!  Please, have your group leaders contact each other and unit our miltia's.  I'm trying to build a Patriot group in the Hilton Head area where I live, it is slow. Watch another video below, of the black version of the NRA? All Black (whites and others not to be a part) The NAAGA , they are training and the leader said since the George Floyd killing, they have signed up 5,500 New Members!  So, we are not talking about angry rock throwing protesters anymore, we are talking real good shooting, trained groups. 


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