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{Armed ‘militia’} trails Black Lives Matter march through Manheim

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Holy shit an actual article, an in fact, I think this needs to be considered the first real militia to actually be involved . other pictures of supposed militia outside buildings n what not are nice, but with out a link or an article to back up a photo, for me it is just bullshit an a couple of people taking pics to look cool. 


An then to see the response of, oh well they must be scared, or they are trying to intimidate us because they are scared ... come on. people can't be that daft and ignorant. I wish someone would of pointed out the response is due to other events across the nation that resulted in violence and chaz chop zones. But hey, if these protesters feel some what threatened or intimidated, good.  All is fair at this point in time on ones feelings. 


An the kicker to this article,


what isn't said about this militia, is it is a far right group.


more shadows are needed,


An it was an excellent strategy on their part, they came from behind, so they knew no one else was coming up from behind them, and they had plenty of options if they needed from taking up the rear of the protest.


If someone else has a news article about a militia, where someone from the group gives a quote,  and the article doesn't list them as far right or extremists, please drop it some where for all to see.


an article, not what you heard, and not a photo op with nothing going on but posing.

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