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NFAC and what they mean for our movement

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It might surprise you to learn, but it was the NFAC situation in Georgia on Saturday that brought me out of the woodwork and onto the Militia scene on MyMilitia.com. Like you, I saw the video, understood what the implications were, and decided that I didn't have time to sit on the sidelines any longer. I'd like to address those implications now, and the message I think we all need to take from this.


To begin, I'd offer the following assessment; the entire episode was little more than a made-for-TV spectacle, designed to have exactly the effect it's had. While it was portrayed as if they had "called out" the Militia, the reality is that nobody was called out at all. Nobody even knew it was happening. Their intent was to point a camera at an empty field, act as if America's defenders were afraid of them, and then get back on camera for their close-up.


It was theater.


But it was very effective theater, They've now effectively got us all running around like chickens, nervously comparing our numbers and lamenting the sad state of affairs within our ranks. We're screaming at the sky as if it's falling, and they are reaping a public relations bonanza that includes, no doubt, a recruiting goldmine.


It was a psy-op, and it worked flawlessly...because we're letting it happen.


Please calm down.


The sky is not falling. I didn't count, but what video I did see was nowhere near a thousand people. Even if it was, a basic understanding of the force composition makes clear why it was possible to field that many, and in similar circumstances we could do the same. I won't offer "hard intelligence", only the most logical explanation, but the best guess is that the force they fielded was a combination of units that have existed for a very long time. The Black Panthers alone has been in existence for half a century. Mobilizing just a handful of them, and scattering in a few hundred airsoft players summoned on social media, could make it look like a small invading force. If you go frame by frame through the video, I'd almost bet you'd see airsoft rifles amongst them. The general viewing audience would never be able to spot the difference. I haven't done that so I can't say for sure, but if you're so inclined it might make a nice report.


No matter. Here's the main takeaway; this was a planned, coordinated "event" that bears little resemblance to what has now been marketed as the "reality" but is in fact anything but.


The real danger was not the event or the force; it is how we respond to it. If we run butt-hurt into some confrontation with them for no other reason than that they dared us to, we're fools. That isn't our job, and it just isn't smart. We are a homeland defense tool. No matter the appearance, there was nothing to defend (authorities were on scene and had the situation closely covered) and it wasn't our "homeland". Our neighborhoods are. If they march down your main street, you and your unit should be prepared for battle; otherwise, you should ignore it as the PR stunt it was, and prepare for the future battle to come.


We should be using their stunt to our advantage. I am not the only one who was motivated by the whole thing; thousands of Patriotic Americans across the country saw the same thing, and decided in their hearts in that moment that they had to do something. Our job as Militia leaders is to locate those folks and bring them into our organization. The spectacle was a recruiting goldmine for them, but it should be for us as well.


We should be closely examining our weaknesses, and working to fix them. This should be an ongoing consideration anyway, but especially in the moment we have now it must be a priority. If you worry that your group couldn't field enough force to deal with the situation were it to really happen in your area, then you have work to do. Recruiting, civic outreach, public relations, support services--the whole nine yards. If you are having trouble getting people to come to your meetings, you are falling way short in some critical area. It's time to find and fix that weakness.


It may be time to re-examine and adjust your entire approach. The Militia of the 80s and 90s was organized with different priorities than those we have to accept as realities today. The perceived enemy was different; the battlefield was different; the entire reason for being was different. Now is the time to recognize that, and realize that there are some serious flaws in our thinking and organization--many of them potentially fatal.


One thing is for certain; the idea that we can just take a handful of guys, strap an AR15 on their backs, jump on the Harleys and this shit will end is absolute nonsense. We have to be smarter than that, and commit ourselves to being bigger, better prepared, and able to respond to real threats as a real threat of our own.


Over the coming days and weeks, I'll post more about changes you can make to your organization that will allow you--us--to play "catch up". We'll start small, but grow in both scope and activity with that "bigger and better prepared" goal firmly in mind. Keep watching.



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