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     Perhaps the most important key to opening the door of defeating the enemy or opponent is understanding the mindsets of the nemesis, quite illustrated in Sun Tzu's sayings (Saiga308Snipe's postings have those links).

     I'll try to elaborate more on the specifics of the particular points expounded upon here, but a certain deception recently caught my attention.

     Recently, Bill Gates mentioned 'open source' in synchronicity with something he is sponsoring, but he deceives.

     True open source programs are of the Linux line, which was started by Linus Torvalds, way before Microsoft was created. If I recall correctly, Bill Gates spawned Microsoft from Linux, turning his code into the antithesis of open source.

     Open source means that ANYONE can view the ENTIRE html code of any app or program. Anyone on the planet can also revise that code, if it improves it, one requirement being that the revision has to be made publicly accessible as well. I think the improvement also has to be reviewed and approved by the Linux community [admins].

     Why no hidden code? Because the code is bare to prying eyes, there is no known possible way for anyone to slip code in which provides a "back door" into someone's computer or phone, unlike Microsoft.

     Microsoft has many security glitches, enabling both Microsoft and others to secretly access computers. But isn't that necessary in order to apprehend cyber criminals? No, not at all. That can be done by monitoring which ip addresses, thus MAC addresses, access forbidden websites or perform malicious actions.

     As one example, Windows 7 (and likely all Windows versions) has an update code which allows Microsoft, thus others, to infiltrate your computer covertly any time. That code can be deleted, but once you restart your unit, that code reinstalls.

     No, Bill Gates is not a proponent of true open source, which is why, in 2009  Microsoft had one million known bugs, Linux had one hundred.

     One logical fallacy stemming from an "open source" concept is tyrannical people, especially cops and informants, conveying and stating the idea that "if you have nothing to hide, ghen you shouldn't care if we delve [pry] into your activity [life]". That is quite illogical, an invasion of privacy and attempting to replace God's guidance with totalitarian scrutiny. It is hypocritical as well, in that law enforcement has become far too secretive, also being a protocol of crime prediction agendas, which is entirely baseless and evil.

     James 2:10 can be construed as saying that all humans are capable of committing any sin that there is, thus any crime. But capability, or ability, even propensity, does not dictate willingness. The whole concept of crime prediction is a cover for despotism, nothing more nor good, especially considering the various tactics used by law enforcement and the D.O.J., mostly the informants, to entrap, ensnare, coerce, frame, manipulate and instigate.

     There are distinct patterns of, and correlation with, the encroaching of genuine Christianity and increased crime and discontent, the fault of the Liberals and Left for trying to trounce Christianity, and of the organized church for propogating and perpetuating a watered down Gospel or else an attempted, forced adherance to the Gospel [a works (including intellectualism without the Holy Ghost) based religion].

     They think America has problems now? Just wait, because if they manage to completely illegalize authentic Christianity, the disfunctionality will be many times worse. Spiritually it's already beyond recognition.

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