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Jerry T

George Floyd Police Transcripts!!

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Either way, another issue with the types of people on this site is most tend to get caught up in the propaganda, the symptom, and the image instead of the reality.


The police here in MN have a long history of stealing, killing, and destroying; the mainstream media is 100% controlled, and drug cocktails can be easily injected.


Most do not want to hear the factual evidence or take the time to do the reading and research, or even do what I did and just go downtown to the Govt Center and see how the courts are operating on a daily basis.


Do not fall for the propaganda on either side of the spectrum... Please... We are in an age of social media flash mobs, "deep-fakes", extreme physiological warfare being waged on the civilian populace, false-flag attacks, digital disinformation campaigns carried out by sophisticated software created by adversarial nation-state actors and the NSA alike...


I do not expect the older generation to fully understand these things but the generation gap is very real. You older folks need to listen and trust what the younger of us have to say and show...

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