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Steve Kazan

Long Island Roll Call 7/11/20

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I am pleased to report that people from the 516/631 are reaching out, which proves these efforts are worth it!

We live in a blue state and it is easy to feel like you are all alone. I am here to tell you that you are not!  
NY conservatives live in fear. Those who say they are not, already have a strong network,  or are lying and have a bug out destination to run to. They’re not afraid because they believe they can run away when things get hot. Some will make it. Yes. 
But, many will not.
Those who do not will be wishing they had someone to call. 
Does this sound radical?  Sure does!  However, it the Radical we are preparing a defense against. It’s the Radical we are praying will never happen. 
We all know the truth, however. 
The Radical is already here. They just painted BLM on 5th ave. Do you think they will stop with that!  At what point will they stop, when they believe they are winning?  They will never stop!
We do not live in the mountains. We live among the Radicals. We live in the Devils Den. 

Do not just sit home and go about your life as if nothing out there will affect you. Trust me. No magical army will appear when things go south and you really need the help. There is no active group out here to plug yourself in to when you most desperately need it. 
The time to make that connection is now. You do not have to be armed. You don’t have to know how to survive, or even fight. 
You simply need to Love our Country and what it has always stood for.

Everyone has a purpose as far as I am concerned. We will find a place for you, but you must make the first move!
If anything I wrote this week rings true, reach out to me and get connected. 

Charlie Mike!

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I am in Brooklyn.  Yes, things are getting worse in New York City.  I talk to police officers who tell me they are not even trying to do their job anymore.  They will not risk their neck to stop criminals when the city government may end up prosecuting them.

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