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Its official THEY ARE INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You want more tax money from the people, then America needs to be a manufacturing country again with good paying employment. Is America better off since manufacturing was sent to other countries ? This is what our government said when they passed this bill. The results are seen all over America with closed businesses, and low wage jobs that do not support a single person let alone a family. Our government and corporations have destroyed america by taking away manufacturing. America should manufacture all its own products by using the co-op system where citizens are the owners and workers. The co-op is a guarantee that your job will not be shipped to another country, and it will raise the taxes by just numbers. Do you think America should manufacture all its necessary products and medicines ? I do. Why was it our government allowed companies to move away without considering the tax loss ? I would say it was bribery of our political officials that made it possible. Now with the dept situation finally falling to the point past bankruptcy our officials decide to raise our taxes, what a surprise. How is this going to work when the people are not working, and the basic cost of living is beyond many already. America is on its death bed with crooked politicians, and this corporate run government. This year has shown why non of them are worthy of being called leaders. Pathetic is the word that best describes these idiots playing criminals in our government officers. How about a government that supports co-ops that allow the people to make manufacturing Americas priority not China. Our government claims they are against China, but its my guess America will be right back to where it was last year importing goods from China, and shipping government service jobs to India. If your people are all poor, how are you planning on collection higher taxes from them ? Do you think Americans will be better off to be able to afford the tax increase ? I do not see it, all I see is more of the same talk BS and nothing gets done. Trump or Biden, this can not be Americas choise to lead us. Why do we still have just two parties, and when will we have a party that represents the people, because the parties we have are both for the corporations. Tell me what has our government done for we the people in the last 50 years ? I could go on with this rant, but I just want people to think what America is. It is an ATM machine for the wealthy, politicians, and corporations that is all. You think your vote counts ? Then how is it that criminals keep getting re-elected? Bail outs going to corporations that should go to the people, bail outs going to other countries, when are the people that pay for everything going to be bailed out ? Yes raise taxes on the poor, we can afford it on the $20.000 most make a year, how much will you leave us to live on ? You know America had a war once because of taxes were going up to 2%, what are our taxes now ? Better yet, what can you buy or do without having to pay taxes ? If you keep stealing from citizens to bail out corporations, and banks this could lead to an America with no government, no tax collection, and no political thieves, what do we the people have to looses ?

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Amen to that, brother! Well said, and people like you and Trump knew all along free trade was not to the American middle class' advantage. But our leaders through the 80's through the 2000's were banking on the tech boom to take us into an endless post-industrial American economic boom. It was a very common worldview at the time. All the signs were there with increasing loss of local control of our lives and the increasing surveillance state (which went on steroids with the Patriot Act). We were all complicit to it, to one extent or another, as it was pretty clear to the average person that we were basically trading away our freedoms for cheap goods and convenience (rationalising it as inevitable and their being no alternative, this was when the apathy really began to set in heavy, cemented by decline of the nuclear family during the Obama malaise years). It was a miscalculation of epic proportions, the results of which we see unfolding today. Now we will have to fight and pick up the pieces if we are to rise from ashes. I pray for our nation and will fight with all of you for our freedom and a new American Renaissance.


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