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How to Fight: Mercy and Honor

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Mercy and honor are some of the most dated concepts of humankind. Mercy largely refers to restraint on a use of force be it from the judicial system, an armed combatant or from any other exercise of force. 


Honor is a more vague concept. Honor is defined by the U.S. Army as doing what is right both legally and morally. To Imperial Japan however honor was following orders to the letter regardless of circumstances. Many other cultures have many different views however in a nutshell, honor seems to most commonly be doing what is right.



So, where then do mercy and honor have their place on a modern field of battle?



Your honor is by destroying your opponent not just enough that the threat is gone but enough that the threat can never rise again. War is not a "pistols at dawn" game. War is ruthless, ugly and unforgiving.  Look at the CHAZ/CHOP when they extorted businesses. Or when they imposed a tax only for white people. Or when they killed a black teen and executed the other. 


Our foes will have no honor so do not expect them to show mercy either. When you engage them your objective is to destroy them in armed combat. You should fight until your dying breath; even if your arms are cut off and your legs too. Don't give up. Bite the son of a bitch in the ankle and drag him down for round three. You aren't just fighting for an ideal under these circumstances. You are fighting for your survival as a human being and the survival of your loved ones who WILL be persecuted if you do not win.


That said, you are not a rabid dog. If your enemy has family and they are not engaging you then leave them alone. Do not extort them, do not harm them unless they mean to harm you and do not slander them or gloat about your victory. Return the body of the deceased to them so that they may be buried or bury them yourself if that is not possible and if that isn't possible then cremate them in the field. Figure something out. 


As for mercy...



Your enemies have executed two innocent teens on national television. They have openly carried weapons against the nation in a time of peace. They have assaulted, raped and violated every imaginable way they can. 


Show them no mercy. 


Do not be cruel. But when your enemy is trying to kill you shoot him in the belly. Then? Let him lay there and scream. His friends will come to try and save him. Shoot them in the chest and head to kill them. Eventually your foes will get it in their head that they have to leave their wounded man behind or keep dying to save him. 


When they leave, shoot him in the head. Do not offer him quarter unless he has some information you need. A prisoner takes guards, food, water, shelter and time as well as ample security to ensure he is not recaptured. Just because he is laying on the ground and begging for his life does not mean he is harmless. 


How many of your number have seen terrorists overseas do the exact same thing before detonating a suicide vest and killing your medics? Or baiting your forces for a sniper? How about pulling a gun when you're too close to react and spraying automatic weapons fire?


Our enemies are not fools. They are humans and just as smart as we are if not more. ALWAYS assume that. 



"Well that's just barbaric!"


Well no shit, Sherlock. War is barbaric. And if you don't do it to him he is going to do it to you. 



When you make traps don't make them to kill. Make them to maim. A dead man can be left laying for a while. A wounded man needs two to carry him home. A wounded man takes resources to recover like medicine and food and water. A dead man needs none of those things. A wounded man will scream and strike terror into his comrades. A dead man will lay still and die. If your wounded man dies later; so be it. They used resources trying to keep him alive. 







This is the dark and terrible nature of a civil war. You'll have to fight dirty. They will be. If you don't want things to get to this level then start voting and get active. Raise your voices high and make sure they know there is a price we will not pay and there is a point beyond which they must not advance. 



God willing we will never have to fight this way. I sure as hell hope he's willing. But I will also not be laying my life down to a concentration camp for being white. I will not stand idle to the suffering of others; black, white, tan or purple. 


And as long as I draw breath, the fight is not over and America still stands.

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