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Leadership 101 - A 20-day Thought Exercise

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In 20 days we'll roll the calendar over to August...just three months left before the world as we know it ends and the real battle for America begins. I don't make that statement lightly; it's what I truly believe we are looking at, and no amount of wishing is going to change it. Donald Trump wins re-election and the Left goes scorched-earth, or he loses and everything this country has always stood for is suddenly fair game for the wrecking ball that is today's Left. Either way, nothing is the same after November 3rd.


This means we have less than four months to start getting some things very right, and that has to start with cleaning up some mistakes within our organizations. I'm not interested in pointing fingers, or pointing out failures here and successes there. Rather, what I want to do is put out some information that I believe will help correct flaws in thinking, behaving, or organizing, and then taking feedback from the front-line people who are involved in those aspects of their units.


At the end of the 20 days I'll be rolling out something new, directly wrapping the Leadership 101 series with a fancy ribbon.


Now for the sake of honesty, let me say that many of you have more or different "leadership" experience than I do. That's fantastic--I want your perspective on what I have to say here. It's possible that some of what I'll talk about is successful in the board room, but doesn't translate into combat very well. Those are the gears we need to find a way to "mesh", so put your opinions/experiences down for posterity by replying to the posts. Sell me on your ideas, as I'm attempting to sell you on mine, and between us we'll build stronger unit leaders overall.


And that's ultimately what this is for--to give new unit leaders something to fall back on when they jump into this thing with both feet, but their heads filled with confusion. We have too little time for trial-and-error, or pointless/needless floundering around. Let's give them solid ideas they can run with.


Last thing--sometimes my tone will be condescending. That's always a hazard with me. I'm confident in what I say, have little patience for beating around the bush, and a very low tolerance for stupidity (real or imagined). This makes me more snarky than I ought to be, and for that I apologize in advance. I don't mean to disparage anyone's ideas. We all have a voice, we all have something to contribute, and we're all Patriots at the core. That's what matters.


I'll title each post with "Leadership 101: WHATEVER THE TOPIC OF THE DAY IS". They will be stand-alone modules, but tie together as well.


Tomorrow's topic is recruiting and retention.

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