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FBI Misconduct And Corruption

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It’s might seem unbelievable, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) does not have a written no-tolerance policy.


Candice M. Will, the Assistant Director, who oversees the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, has said, “It doesn’t mean that we fire everybody. We all make mistakes. So when appropriate, we will decide to remove an employee. When we believe that an employee can be rehabilitated and should be given a second chance, we do that. Most of the FBI’s 34,300 employees, which include 13,700 agents, follow the rules. The vast majority of our employees do not lie. The vast majority of our employees do not cheat. The vast majority of our employees do not steal. The vast majority of our employees do not engage in the type of misconduct you are describing. There is an occasional employee who will engage in such misconduct, and that employee will answer for it.”


Candice M. Will went on to say she could not discuss individual cases, and added: “I can’t even confirm whether or not your information is accurate.”


Reports compiled by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, are e-mailed quarterly to FBI employees, but are not released to the public. The internal summaries show that even with serious misconduct, employees can keep their jobs (names and locations of the employees are not listed in the reports).


For example on November 10, 2014 – Federal prosecutors dismissed drug cases against nearly two dozen felons amid a misconduct investigation of an FBI agent, defense lawyers in other cases linked to the agent have pressed for similar consideration.


Court documents say the FBI agent tampered with drugs and guns from evidence lockers. The agent’s attorney has said that his client is cooperating and that many of the allegations are “grossly overblown.”


Authorities have said the FBI agent had a more involved role in the other cases that have been dismissed but have declined to elaborate. That frustrated the lawyers and, at times, the judge. If you dismiss a case, the defendant should have the right to know the reason, and the public should know. However, the FBI is so treasonously corrupt it refuses to answer to anybody.


The list continues on how much misconduct and corruption is within the FBI:


    An FBI employee shared confidential information with his girlfriend, who was a news reporter, then later threatened to release a sex tape the two had made.
    A supervisor watched pornographic videos in his office during work hours while “satisfying himself.”
    And an employee in a “leadership position” misused a government database to check on two friends who were exotic dancers and allowed them into an FBI office after hours.
    These are among confidential summaries of FBI disciplinary reports obtained, which describe misconduct by agency supervisors, agents and other employees.
    The employee in a “leadership position” who misused a “government database to conduct name checks on two friends who were foreign nationals employed as exotic dancers” and “brought the two friends into FBI space after-hours without proper authorization” received a 23-day suspension. The same employee had been previously suspended for misusing a government database.
    An employee who was drunk “exploited his FBI employment at a strip club,” falsely claiming he was “conducting an official investigation.” His punishment was a 30-day suspension.
    And an employee conducted “unauthorized searches on FBI databases” for “information on public celebrities the employee thought were ‘hot’” received a 30-day suspension.
    Another employee, who used a “video camera to record (a) co-worker changing in (the) women’s bathroom,” also resigned, according to the report. The employee “lied about his conduct to a co-worker and attempted to erase the video when asked to relinquish the camera upon being caught.”


We the People must have a zero tolerance for the serious misconduct within the FBI. People in government, particularly the FBI, ought to be the best people that you can ever have.


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