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El Floyo

Full Auto parts for AR 15's being sent to Antifa and BLM

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New Intel: Communist China providing automatic weapons to Antifa, Black Lives Matter… some stored in democrat-run government buildings including East End Complex Capitol building in Sacramento – Block 174 https://www.americanpartisan.org/2020/07/new-intel-communist-china-providing-automatic-weapons-to-antifa-black-lives-matter-some-stored-in-democrat-run-government-buildings-including-east-end-complex-capitol-building-in-sacramento/

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Funny how the media turned a confiscated shipment of counterfeit plastic furniture for ARs into Full Auto Parts.  Someone already linked to some of the pics CBP originally posted of what was in those bags.  Here's a hint those pics may be correct, look at the size of the bags of the supposedly Full Auto Parts.  Kind of huge for sears, selectors, pins, etc...  But just the right size and color for black plastic furniture like handguards, pistol grips, and stocks.


Just a side not:  the Chi Coms were caught bringing in shipping containers loaded with unmarked full auto AKs, RPGs, pistols, belt feds, 60mm mortar tubes, and LOTS of ammo and fragmentation grenades during the Clinton administration.  They were caught in an ATF sting.  One call from higher up in DOJ and the story was covered up, the containers disappeared, and the Chinese government diplomats walked away.  Soldier of Fortune did a report on it when they found out back then. 




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Fake News!


First, other than the shipment originating in China, there is NO evidence to support the shipment was from the Chinese government (state sponsored).


Louisville is the major operations hub for UPS so these probably were there for international to domestic transfer.


Seems more likely these were something like counterfeit take down pins. This is particularly true once you understand the penalty for firearms inside China is severe.


It should also not be a surprise that state governments have built emergency bunkers near their legislative and executive leadership.


Does California's Treasury include gold bars? Unlikely but it's possible.


But if you think Gavin Newsom has the intelligence to coordinate a conspiracy this grand? Ha!


Don't believe everything that you think.


There's possible, there's probable, and there's actual. Don't take the actual and turn it into the possible without a good logical progression of evidence.

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