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a mob of commies pull down Jefferson statue at highschool

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yeah keep smoking your joint see that is whats maybe keeping you dead in the water in society,  then a excuse more then 200 years ago Jefferson..

note he isnt ashamed at all by doing this in front of the camera his mother doesn't care either go figure and what about his his father? not around lots of family issues here


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14 minutes ago, Saiga308snipe said:


these are not protesters as the news wants you to believe commie marxist terrorists

Keep it up commies. You are not fooling anyone. Keep destroying American history. What you forgot is statues are pulled down after you conquer a nation, not before. You are just making us madder and more determined to stop you. Keep it up commies. The people who just wanted to be left alone are coming to the Patriots' side. You are creating more and more Trump voters. Keep it up commies. You are the best recruiting tool there is for the Militia movement.!

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