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How to Fight: Necessary Equipment

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I don't care what your YouTube video says, I don't care what your grand pappy taught you. I don't care about your military experiences; I have my own. This is equipment you will ABSOLUTELY NEED when shit hits the fan. 



First: you need a weapon. I keep hearing "oh the food and water and the stuff and you won't be able to eat without FOOOOOOOODD". Okay? And? First of all, without a weapon you cannot fight. Without a weapon you cannot defend yourself. Without a weapon you cannot protect your country, life, family or anything you care about. "But food is more important so you don't starve!" BULLSHIT! Your enemies will have food. Slap those bitches in the face, shoot them in the guts and then take THEIR food. Not only does it make sense to feed yourself but it also makes sense to take their shit and put it to a more worthy cause. That said; have a little bit of food to get started. But your country isn't going to be saved by canned food or jerky. 


If you disagree; speak up. But I'll be glad to prove you wrong. The government likes having workers. Workers need food to live. You're a worker. Stop being an idiot. 



Personally? I recommend an AR-15 chambered in 5.56 NATO. It's a VERY common and very cheap bullet. Magazines are plentiful and if for whatever reason we go to war with our own people; guess what they're using that you can now pick up and take? 5.56 NATO. Cops use it too so don't come at me with that "well da army wil tuch u pee pee" because they one, probably won't, and two it's more likely you'd have to fight police at the start of things. 



Secondly: You need water. This is important because fresh water might not always be available. You don't need gallons and gallons and gallons. You should have enough in your bag for three days. Your enemy will have water too. Take his shit and quit bitching about how important it is to know how to scrape dew from the highest mountain under the moonlight of the fifth butt fucking that happened. You're just making yourself into an ass. I am too but I probably care less about it. 


Also; water is kind of extremely important for the government. And just life in general. Factories stop working without it, chemical plants stop and people start dying. If you think your government will suddenly abandon having clean water which increases their productivity sky high you're wrong. No government is THAT stupid and they're all about profit and productivity. "But they'll kill the poor" no they won't. Who do you think does all the work around here? The rich? 


Pack about three days worth of water into your bag. If you stockpile more at home; go for it. But your BAG  (the one you take with you to do the pew-pew) needs about three days worth. That's roughly two gallons ish. It also depends on climate, how hard you're working, bodily needs which vary between individuals and many other factors. 



Thirdly: You need a vest. I'm not talking about body armor though that would be even more amazing. You need something to carry all those magazines of bullets you have. Without that vest reloading your rifle will be a bitch and a half and slow as old people fucking in January. You also need a bag to carry all of this shit. Get one if you don't already have one. 



Fourthly: YOU. NEED. A. GOD. DAMN. TOURNIQUET. Get an entire IFAK for about $80 online. It comes with a tourniquet, pressure bandage, some gauze and some other things. An epinephrine pen would also be useful but most of you probably aren't trained to use one. They're easy to use; stick'em in the leg and be done with it. However the training isn't about 'how to' but 'WHEN' to use an eppy pen. Morphine is also useful but I'm pretty sure that's a narcotic and it spoils quickly when not used. Don't bother with it. If your enemy has this sort of thing and you don't: steal from him. If you already have it; steal it anyways to make them suffer. 




Fifthly: Food. Hey! Lookie! Food! We found it! Yeah it's not all that important. EVERYONE and their mother is stocking up on food. This is why public opinion matters a lot. Get the public on your side and you don't have to worry about food. They'll give it to you just to help your cause even if you don't need it. Disregard this piece of advice and well... good luck Chuck. You'll need it. That said; pack about a day or so of food in your bag. Mostly? Pack snacks. Small containers that are easily opened and don't require you to eat a lot at one time. 

If you haven't noticed by now, I pack extremely light so I can move quickly. 




Sixth: Repair tools and equipment. You need to be able to fix your shit. It's more important to know how to repair it than it is to have ten thousand rifles stock piled. Learn to make things work. Duct tape? That's gold. Keep it. Electrical tape? Platinum. Pack some. A sewing kit? Daddy, I can only get so erect. A maintenance kit for ALL weapons costs about $20 to $30 bucks if you get a universal cleaning kit. It's not very big and well worth it. Get one. Like right now. Go on. I'll wait. 



Seventh: Hygiene. If you can smell you, so can your enemy. If you can't smell you, wash anyways. Don't go fruity fragrance of dick sucking with it but get some scent-neutral soaps. Hunters use them all the time. They're useful. Oh and if you think not? The wildlife can give away your position faster than enemy eyeballs. So get scrubbing. 

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