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Fake flag burning at Gettysburg was only the latest hoax by a Pennsylvania man

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Adam Rahuba, a former concert promoter, works part-time as a food-delivery driver and a DJ. At 38, he spent most of the past year staying on a friend's couch in a small town north of Pittsburgh.

A Washington Post investigation found that Rahuba is also the anonymous figure behind a number of social media hoaxes — the most recent played out in Gettysburg on Independence Day — that have riled far-right extremists in recent years and repeatedly duped partisan media outlets.


Rest of the article here ... Stripes.com


Not only is this a good example of the impact of not having a good intelligence section, it is also shows insight into Rahubas anti-right psyops.   

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It also shows the glaring bias of the media who continues to portray patriots as far-right extremists.  


Rahubas was only 'found' because he/she decided to cooperate with the Washington Post which has absolute zero investigative journalistic capability or credibility.  


It's projection as usual from the left - pretending they won and trying frame it as a victory when even if a troll attempt is a salty defeat.  Trolling or not, patriots showed up and were peaceful.  People responded.  It was a clear reminder to the left that they need to keep playing ball in their own playground.  Notice how the majority of the crap taking place over the past 7 weeks has not trickled out of the urban centers?  Even with all the fluff about Antifa going into the suburbs and rural areas that got people worked up.  They tested the waters and found out that they can't leave their safe spaces.  


There was a victory for the patriots at Gettysburg regardless of how the media wants to frame it.  

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Agreed RevRifleman.  Was this guy the real source for the announcement?  Maybe.  But doesn't matter.  Patriots and militia showed up on basically a moments notice to help out the Pennsylvania State Militia when they called for help.  No one got hurt.  No one was arrested.  No weapons violations.  It was a PR victory.  He may have intended to make the militia look like fools.  But it showed people who are getting fed up with Antifa, BLM, and the anarchists destructive behavior who are the ones that are standing against it.  Law Enforcement isn't because they are being threatened by their leftist bosses in municipal and state government.  As I have said more than once now the people screaming about we need more recruits in massive numbers, here you go.  Take the positive optics from Gettysburg and Richmond and start making those memes, social media posts, and videos showing who we really are compared to the marxists.  Show them we aren't skinheads like Stars and Stripes did in the article.  That we are open to all races.  Show them the pictures of the burned buildings and garbage left in their wake compared to when we have a rally we leave it cleaner than when we showed up.  Gettysburg was not a joke on us.  It is a comparison between us and the left.  And they fall far short.




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