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Masking is becoming ridiculous

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It seems to me that mask wearing is no longer about health and well-being.  Some of the earlier mandates clearly state that masks are to be worn in the presence of others. You know, in public places. I get it. I don't know where the science really is at on the matter because it's all over the place, making it hard to gauge. But I understand when it comes to being in close proximity to someone I guess. However,  this whole mask-wearing thing is getting out of hand. Mandates are being passed now which criminalize people for not wearing masks in their own car, and some are pushing for mandates to wear them even in the comfort of your own home. One cannot even hike in a forest in some places, even being hundreds of yards away from others without a mask. Commercials of all genres now feature people wearing the mask. Children's cartoons are now teaching kids to wear them at all times, even when going to bed. I am not even kidding. My young nephew was watching something yesterday and it was story time for these muppet-looking characters. They were of course wearing masks, and the child drifted off to sleep with it on. Health officials are now telling people that they should wear the mask during sex too. I mean, to wear a protective garment when in public, fine. (although I still don't think it should be mandated) But in our homes? With our families? Being outside with no other people around? Sometimes I wonder if this whole thing hasn't just been put in place as part of some social conditioning experiment. I know, sounding like Alex Jones, But dang it!  What do you guys think? Oh, speaking of being forced to wear a mask indoors, I just found something:


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