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Todd A. Slee


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     It can be conducive to freedom and liberty to know how to identify rogue operatives from the government or criminal element.

     One trick they pull with the intent of confusing/harassing select people is to use "ghosts". In this context a ghost is someone who others might mistake for one of their operatives or [important] informants.

     Usually several ghosts are employed, and they generally utilize that tactic when a valuable asset is compromised, exposed.

     At times when an asset is exposed the person is either hidden or put into disguise mode. But when the revealed one is in the midst of an operation or stunt the department deems important, the "ghost" methodology of hiding someone in plain site is used.

     Given the nature of intelligence wotk, that method might be used as a diversion or to create the illusion that something is occurring or about to happen. Other times the actual, main ooerator is hidden and the "ghosts" are sent out.

     A nefarious agenda can be thwarted by determining, then tracking, "ghosts". As often as not, most ghosts are diversionary, not participating in the the same activity as the actual person, if anything at all.

     The bottom line and most basic rule of thumb for investigating and intelligence work is: 'nobody around you should know that you're investigating or gathering data', unless it's not strictly undercover.

     To my knowledge the CIA is the chief proponent of that way, though the criminal element has used it, and I now believe that the Israeli Mossad implements it as well. If state or local departments do that, it's likely in conjunction with the CIA. The FBI probably doesn't go that far, merely using a few working proxies as needed.


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