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Safariland Unveils GLS Pro-Fit 575 IWB Holster

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Safariland is well known for making products that are as reliable as it gets when used in the field.


The all new GLS Pro-Fit 575 IWB Holster brings a new concealable model into Safariland’s highly rated GLS Pro-Fit holster series. This model provides a compact, inside-the-waistband alternative for concealment carry.



The Pro-Fit 575 can fit more than 100 firearms, including most popular compact and sub-compact pistols.


A compact design includes a J-Hook and fully adjustable cant for highly concealable, inside-the-waistband use that the wearer can adjust to their carry and firearm preference.


The low-cut, compact design ensures inside-the-waistband concealment combined with easy accessibility for a quick draw.


Constructed with SafariSeven, a proprietary nylon blend, the GLS Pro-Fit 575 wears comfortably and is non-abrasive to a firearm’s finish.


Designed with the patented Grip Locking System (GLS), a firearm is automatically secured once holstered and smoothly released by drawing the firearm in a proper shooter’s grip.



The GLS Pro-Fit 575 retails for $50 and is available now.


For more information on the GLS Pro-Fit 575 IWB Holster and other products from Safariland, please visit Safariland.com.


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