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Arizona Militia in the Valley looking for new members!

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With shit going down as it is throughout the U.S. it's only a matter of time until things backtrack into our state. As such, myself and other patriots have taken it upon ourselves to organize into several new militias across not only Arizona, but the rest of the west and south. One of these new militias is the Republican Arizona Minutemen, and we are here on a very specific mission. We are hoping to maybe see if we cant organize together and do some training and get prepared for the inevitability of something major happening in Arizona and have a plan of "attack" (if you will) for when things go to hell and back.


I'm here to find other Arizonans and I'm hoping to build a small republican militia out here, known as RAM for short. I'm aware it sounds ambitious but i believe, together we CAN do it and we will be here to help defend our homes and train/always be on alert to help anyway we can.

RAM is looking for anyone within the state who wants to make a difference in their communities. No experience is needed and anyone 17 years and older is welcome. For those living in the Phoenix metro/valley areas, our current and most active division (known as the 1st Valley Regiment) is looking for new members. For those elsewhere in the state, we are  looking for new members to help build local regiments/platoons and begin training (with centralized training happening regularly).


The RAM is currently working on a web infrastructure and we expect to have a website and a Facebook group up and operational by the end of the month with money currently being raised to provide physical equipment such as patches and uniform (The thread will be updated with links to these new sites once they are finished).


We more than anything want to help build a community of like minded people ready to train and be at a moment's notice ready to defend our state, our homes and, our country from the shit happening right now in the world. Everyone is welcome and people from all walks of life are encouraged to join, so long as they too have an unquenchable desire for freedom and want to safeguard themselves and their communities from the onslaught that is, our modern society.


Anyone interested is welcome to ask questions on the thread and/or email me at [email protected] for a brief application to join the ranks of Arizona's newest defense force.


So what are you waiting for? Arizonans heed the call and join the Republican Arizona Minutemen TODAY!


RAM Flag.png

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