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VIDEO: Range Time with the Fostech Origin-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun

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As a longtime fan of both AKs and 12-gauge shotguns, I’m always intrigued to see semi-auto shotgun designs that utilized the basic AK operating system. Properly tuned, AK-style shotguns tend to run well, shoot softly (for a 12 gauge) and provide ergonomics more in line with a rifle than your typical tube-fed shotgun. They are perfect for tactical operations because they’re simple, solid and, if built properly, very reliable.



Of course, some issues can arise with AK-style shotguns. The controls can be difficult to reach, and adding rails is costly and problematic given some import restrictions.


While a few companies have built models to deal with these issues, Fostech has come up with an interesting design that pretty much answers them all. And, because the Origin-12 is built in the U.S.A., it does not suffer from ATF import regulations.


The Origin-12’s receivers are polymer where possible to reduce weight. The shotgun’s modular design also allows you to swap barrels without re-zeroing your iron sights.


There is even a 10-inch Short-Barreled Shotgun (SBS) version available. The adjustable gas port and modified operating system allow for use of a wide variety of ammunition. It also uses proprietary five-, eight- and 10-round magazines as well as 20- and 30-round drums.


The controls are also ambidextrous and easy to reach with either hand. The forward, left-side-mounted charging handle is non-reciprocating, and the bolt locks open after the last round is fired.



Check out the video to see the Origin-12 in action, and keep your eyes peeled for a full review in an upcoming issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS. To subscribe, visit harristacticalstore.com.


For more information on the Origin-12, please visit FostechOutdoors.com.



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