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appears to me antifa/blm is using a vietnam type strategic goal

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https://medium.com/@discorse/tactics-win-battles-strategy-wins-wars-94a016ad2dc9#:~:text=Tactics win battles and strategy,domination of the western Mediterranean.

//Example #2: The Tet-Offensive of the Vietnam War. This was a decisive tactical victory for the U.S and the South Vietnamese, as we were able to defeat and repel the North Vietnamese. However, the larger strategic goal of the North Vietnamese was propaganda — to be seen by the media//

now note how antifa and blm use youtube and other videos to control there agenda get there point across to the public in mass with cell phones etc and very simmular as the news cameras did in veitnam

video time 0:35


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So the tax payers have to pay for the melted pavement silly. I can’t even get a permit to camp at rural primitive site on the states land right now because our dumb ass governor has shut down state camping areas due to Covid. Super pissed about it ... need to drive an hour to and fro to fish and hunt.


nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn and stepping out of your tent to catch for large mouth and then hiding in the bush at sunset to plink on coyotes before eating sleeping and doing it again.

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