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Ok I have to say this as time is short and the SHTF Scenario is coming fast. I've been here for a bit now and alot of you have seen me around the forums. If you haven't then you have now. I'm going to point this out  as its concerning. I see a lot of posts about people looking for groups close to them or groups looking for people. I see a lot of complaints that NO ONE is doing anything and a lot of scatter brains, keyboard enthusiasts , and just pure unorganization. It's bad when I get people who come talk to me and ask me hey what are you planning, when, and can i join and help. I usually reply with you should talk to the groups in your area. The usual reply back I get is they will talk but nothing ever comes, just promises of meet and greets and then nothing else ever comes. YES i know real life gets in the way BUT THIS IS REAL LIFE a very threat to you, me, our families, friends and the innocent. This will affect your very life if the DEMS have their way. Say goodbye to our freedoms.

I don't classify myself as a leader, but if need be I will step up and do what should of been ALREADY going on. EVERYONE in your different states need to take the reigns and get people where they need to be. If you represent your state and/or are the staff of that location and yes I know this is easier said than done. You need to get the ball going. If you say hey im gonna help organize and we see very few posts here and there, then maybe you need to hand the wheel to someone else who will make a forward momentum. When there is A LOT of people who don't have the experience of being in a militia but they want to do something. They speak up and get well basically ignored. Some people don't know what to do, so they ask and wait... They get no response they look around some more and then when they give up they go away. DON'T LET THEM. HELP THEM!!

If your a leader of a militia group and you see someone in your state, HELP THEM, point them in the right direction, educate them, if there is nothing near them for whatever reason then offer to help them build their own and HOW. Take control, if we don't unify as one now, how is it going to be when we purge this country of the crap. Going to be a lot of fragmented groups, alot of infighting amongst ourselves as well as fighting the enemy. I don't want to see that. The United States of America should have a new meaning for all of us. United, that's the main word. Right now and I hate to say this we aren't united right now. Lost, confused, scared, and pissed off.

So come on guys and gals lets take up the slack where others are not and get everyone on the same page. Meetings, discussions, voice chats, getting people with units, actually doing meet and greets. ALSO SECURITY, SECURITY,SECURITY!!!! Let's prepare for what we all know that is and will come. All militia leaders need to talk and get all comms setup so we aren't coming across one another and infighting cause we don't know who you are. Friendly fire is no joke. Let's get our hands out from under our butts and coordinate the largest militia movement in the history of The United States of America. This is important, this is for our freedom. Otherwise we may as well just throw President Trump out of office and let the dems take over . No time left to sit in the shadows.

Choice is yours....

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I have to agree with you on several points. i don't know what the answer is, but it isn't what we're doing now. there's no organisation or vision. Angry people yelling at their computer screens. The groups causing trouble are organized and active. they've actually managed to band together, show up en masse, and force people to pay attention.

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