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Account name and personal information changes.

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Account / user name and personal information changes.  We recommend that you don't put personal information on this or any other public web site.  You should choose a handle / call sign for your account / user name.  Only an Admin is able to change the name on an account.  Members may ask and get one account name change then must wait another year before requesting any more account name changes.  If you want your account name changed send a personal message to @ LetFreedomRing or @ Skillet on here and request it.  We also recommend that you don't put your home street address or your phone number in the information or posted in the forums, we suggest you choose a point on Google maps in a 3 to 5 mile range of where you live and put that in as an address.  If you have put this information in while registering members have the ability to change this information on their own by going to your profile, clicking on the drop down menu and choosing account settings then clicking on edit profile.  Email and some other information may be changed under account settings and additional information may be changed under Edit Profile.



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