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new drones to our area...why specifically?

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Two weeks ago my wife and I were on our way home from Clinton area, it was dusk and we were headed north back to Ogden. we noticed a mid sided dark grey military grade drone literally glide overhead and land in the Ogden Hinkley Airport! My wife couldn't deny the fact that it was literally a military drone in our back yard. there were no identification to be seen on it, but im sure thats the one I see nightly between Layton all the way back to Brigham! It has two white LED lights on the back approximately 10 feet apart that blink slowly at the same time. You will notice they have one single prop in the rear of the flying p.o.s. and its very quite, but you cant miss it if comes overhead. 

Also on my way into work this morning I had the smaller one with a red blinking light seem to hover over highway 89 less than a mile south from Smith and Edwards in Ogden as I drove under it, it was literally close enough I could have taken it out with a shotgun, any else seen what's coming? 



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