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The extent of control that the Deep State Globalists

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As many already know, the premier organization leading this globalist effort is the New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). It is the “brain trust” and public face of the shadowy Deep State internationalists who have been pushing to submerge the United States under a world government for the past century.
In this reprint we provide charts which show how the CFR has been controlling both the Republican and Democrat parties’ policies for decades. The charts show where CFR members have served and dominated the government, the media, think tanks, consulting firms, NGOs and other influential organizations. These charts identify presidents, vice presidents, cabinet members, and other high government officials that are, or have been, members of the CFR.
This incredible drama unfolding before our eyes has not come about overnight. We now know that this conflict is not merely an ideological struggle between shadowy, unidentifiable forces; it is a struggle with organized globalists who have very real, identifiable, powerful organizations and networks operating incessantly to undermine our constitutional Republic.


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