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If you know what this is and it is done to you how do you get it to stop?!?!  If you don’t know please look up.  It is so evil if done to you.  
It is a violation of our 4th Amendment Civil Right as an American.

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I’m tortured by electromagnetic weapons as well, not v2k but others. It’s behavioral modification experiments carried out by the so called government/tyrannical psychopaths. Nobody will even talk to you about this but it’s real and it’s here. Most of it is carried out by unmanned aircraft(drones) now that they have wireless power transmission that nobody will talk about. Unlimited flight time only limited by the airframe maintenance requirements. That’s what five gee is all about. Try to stay strong and lean on god when it becomes to much to bear. Don’t go to police or anybody, you’ll end up in a fema camp or something. Wish I could give better news but the truth is all I have to offer today. God bless

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     60 Minutes or one of those shows did a documentary some years ago on sonic weapons used against the Iraquis during the Gulf War. Those things immobilize you, that's why they surrendered in droves.

     Some years ago a sheriff's deputy told me that S.W.A.T. teams have a similar device, like what meter readers carry. Theirs will drop a Pit Bull to the ground, without actually harming it. The S.W.A.T. team devices will not only incapacitate a, for instance, hostage taker, but it can do it thru a wall and in a crowd without affecting anyone but the culprit.

     I'm pretty sure some nefarious cops or feds have used.something or another like that on me some years ago, more than once, probably in retribution for exposing corruption.

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