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October A.A.R.

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October FTX A.A.R. 
Arrive at Ridge, prep for FTX.
Discussed action details for weekend. 
Budget report submitted to Captain. 
06:30 Reveille
Training detail.  

Master Sargent took command as Training Officer. 
Introduced more hand signals. Checked gear for remaining members.
Quick recap of safety and basics firearm handling. And refresh of previous training with hand signals and target acquisition.
Long range rifle training. 
 In depth discussion on the use and importance of using MOA measurement and details on how it is used to measure distance and a proper scope set up.
Manual measure and reset of 100 yard range. Scope setup training. 
Discussed long range tactics, tools of the trade and how they are used.

Work detail.

Firewood detail
Worked more on clearing the Run & Gun Course.
General camp cleanup
Group meeting 
06:30 Reveille
Swearing-in ceremony for Gonzo
Corporal Howard received a field promotion to Sargent

Training detail

Manual fire starting class.
Staggered patrol formation covering run and gun course.  Training discussion during patrol for environmental advantages and disadvantages while traveling through different terrain. Functions of and dealing with potential snipers while on patrol.

Work detail. 

Load transport with outdated equipment for disposal. 
13:00. Call to end, FTX. 

Another Great weekend Brothers. Thanks to all who attended. HOOAH! 
That is all
Sargent Howard, 19th Tn. Infantry 1st Div. A Co.

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