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Let's start a new militia in Chicago!

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Hello everyone I’m Butter-Bee i joined this site in hopes of starting a militia in Chicago. the biggest problems with protecting big cities is that you will have to be ready to defend against a foreign enemy, crazy citizens, and also the local gang members who unfortunately would be more organized then the average citizen. What happens when SHTF? The people that don’t know what to do start to panic, and the ones that are ready for it only think about getting their family and themselves out of the city. The local gang members will start claiming territory. Leaving a big city like Chicago undefended means losing it and losing our cities, which means losing our country(Freedom). Take a look at what is happening now our rights are being taken slowly but surely over time. I’m just looking for like minded individuals who would like to be founders of a militia here in Chicago. Lets work together to build a team(family) that can defend the Constitution of United States of America from both foreign and domestic enemies.

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