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      Every one of us commit sin, at our best, but to embrace and encourage doing wrong, by any standard, especially by God's standard, is of the utmost level of antichrist, regardless of which transgression of the Mosetical Law it may be, Leviticus 18:22 being one of the six hundred odd commandments, only the ritualistic and ceremonial ones being null and void > Jeremiah 31:33 > Hebrews 10:16.

     Myself, I doubt I've ever committed a sin and not known better, at least subconsciously. Humans tend.to rationalize to justify doing wrong, and we need to refrain, a hard to kick practice. Then again, we often sin unknowingly.

     This topic could well go under the 'Politics...' section, as the Pope's latest act will further upset the political realm.

     I know homosexuals who are otherwise fine people, just as many atheists are fine people aside from claiming to not believe.in God, but in sexual orientation regards the homosexuals are thumbing their noses at the Almighty and undermining the real family value standard.

     This is probably the final straw for Catholic leaders who are calling for Pope Francis's ouster.

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Like a Spinning wheel  here we go w e got no feelings in our soul got no bearings on a home we got no morals spinning out of control. Ride a rainbow crazy pony to no direction own do you see the crazy times on this lonely narrow highway  do you see the reflections in your mind https://youtu.be/P5jNJd7HRVU

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I'm thinking the senior cardinals are going to dump him pretty soon. This stuff may play well in Europe and larger US cities but the remainder of the world isn't going to have it, and the schism it'll create in the church would be significant.

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