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Okay, so china creates the virus. Then they infect their own people (after all, what's a few hundred thousand deaths to them...more food for others). Then they turn the virus loose on the world, especially the U.S. Next they wait, give the virus time to get spread throughout America. Then they invade from Canada, Mexico, and the sea. 

Problem is the virus didn't do a whole lot to us.  It has not become the weapon it was meant to be. Oh and they helped stir up civil unrest and got a china loving moron to run for president. 


Pretty much sums it up. Anybody else see it like that? 

Hmm, kinda pisses me off.

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Lot of variables and possibilities. It could.have inadvertently got loose, or before the intended time. People are truly a number to Communists. Wasting their own people is nothing to the Chinese. Maybe they were planning onsecretly spreading it elsewhere. Who knows?

     The bug didn't cause a real pandemic, killed few by itself, but I'd say it accomplished the intended purpose, or close to it, depending upon what happens in the near future. There may well be a financial and political reset, and.a major piwer play is evident. If Bidens were in collusion with the Chinese beforehand, maybe they're part of it all. Much of the CIA is Left. It could well be a plan, quite accomplishable given the knowledge and technology now in existence. Same thing occurred with 911. Had to have been an inside job and pre-planned event by someone, including some.Americans in high places. The Covid thing isjust more intrucate, due mostly to the complexity of the virus.and lack of knowledge about it by most people. Hard to say right now, but they're skewing facts, figures and concepts.for some reason.

     Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between, and that virologist is partly an agent of disinformation, to help cover up the whole plan. If she's in China, she's either risking her life, in collusion with the culprits, or Divinely protected if truthful, in China and safe.

     Concerning invasion, not needed. They're doing it passively, from the inside. Ninety percent of the people are doing as.told, whether it makes sense or not. "When the government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny".

     I don't think there will be another major war until Armegeddon, if that's.what that means. The New World Order crew already has a large percentage of the world's population captivated, by winning their minds,.thus their actions, thru fear of one kind or another.

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